7 Reasons to Date a Girl who Loves Beaches

Summer is looming. Your thoughts are wandering over an idea that you and your partner are intimately enjoying long walks on the beach at sunset.

Unfortunately, you’re single. Your imaginations finally bring you to a secluded spot at the beach staring at a young attractive woman who seems to stand firmly at one spot for a long time. You start wondering about her -what would it be like to date her? Discover why dating a girl who loves beaches could be the best dating success you could ever have.

  1. Beach girls love nature

A girl who loves beaches is trying to show her love of nature, inactivity and intimacy. She’s adventurous and diverse. Her understanding of the inexorable power of the oceans and seas brings out the humility in her, which is quite essential for a long lasting relationship.


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  1. They are are fun and exciting

Dating a girl who loves beaches is a practical indicator that both of you share a common passion or interests. Since she is adventurous, she will never make you bored. A beach girl blends your relationship with excitement and fun, as she is always out there discovering new places that both of you should explore. She will spend much of her time tanning so that you can take a nap, read a book or surf.


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  1. Beach girls are inexpensive to maintain

As a traveler, a beach girl understands clearly the hustles of earning and saving money. She is a smart saver and a keen listener. A beach girl doesn’t mind covering her body with the sand just to have a good time. To her, traveling and enjoying the beach life is what defines her. This makes it easy for both of you to communicate with each other and plan accordingly for your relationship.

  1. Girls who love beaches live in the moment

The beach lifestyle requires patience, presence, and commitment. A beach girl has no intention of ever giving up on the moment as she listens to the music of the ocean and feels the rhythm of nature’s heartbeat. She will put you into a position of having to choose between surviving and living, and to her living in the present is what shapes our happiness and life in the future.


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  1. Beach girls are independent

Dating a beach girl could save you from a lot of trouble especially if you’re looking for a girl to rely on during hard times. A beach girl has learned the trades of hardship; she can fix things and she can sleep anywhere; she can use the maps and follow road signs to reach her destination. This is a girl who can come to your aid at any given time and help you achieve your goals.

  1. A beach girl have an understanding

She has stood there for long staring at the ocean waves perhaps comparing them with the different waves we face in life. She knows that life is not always all smiles and that sadness and heartbreaks will always come by. When you feel low and down, you can be sure that a beach girl will be there with you to offer solace and provide a shoulder to cry on. She understands that you’re only human, and that’s why she gets along with your outburst, anger, and rage.

  1. She is more flexible and relaxed

A beach girl is not clingy or nagging.  She knows that there are more things to life than to demand expensive gifts and lifestyle. She is the type of a woman that will be happy to receive a chocolate from you just as she would if you were to bring her a diamond ring. The girl who loves beaches will make you feel comfortable around her, because she wants to enjoy every moment of your togetherness.


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Dating a girl who is a beach lover gives you an excellent opportunity to meet a girl who will dedicate her soul, her body, and her heart, all to you. Just like the waves loves to come back ashore, she will love you for no reason or rhyme. She will love you during all seasons. A beach girl never gives up on her love.

It’s about time to start dating a girl who loves beaches, don’t you think?

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