These are signs that show you should be living by the sea

Life is a beach. Everyone knows that euphoric feeling that fills you when you take a trip to the beach and stare aimlessly at the powerful large water body that stretches to infinity. The ocean fascination brings us great excitement and acute sense of belonging that not even our deepest sense of serenity can master.

The picturesque sight of the ocean and the attractive beach captivates everyone but not all become mesmerized in the same manner. There are those who are just too much in love with ocean that they find it rather difficult to live without it. Below is a list of signs that show you’re indeed in love with ocean and you should actually consider living by the sea.

  1. The only vacations that excites you are beach vacations

You know you’re a beach lover when you have a visceral attraction to spending time on the beach and frolicking in the water. The sound of the ocean is so relaxing an electrifying that the other types of vacations such as ski vacation has never appealed to you.


  1. Your Facebook and Instagram profile is full of photos of the beaches, sunrises and sunsets

If there’s a sunrise or a sunset and you just don’t see the reason to capture it because there’s no ocean then you’re a beach person. As a beach lover you notice that you like filling up your Instagram profile with photos captured of the sun rising or setting at the beach as well as Instagram and Facebook beaches.

sunset beach

  1. There’s always something missing in your weekdays

During the week you’re always visiting your favorite beach website to view the weather and the surf report so that you can take a trip down there. You always try to convince your friends and family to rent a place close to the ocean so you can spend time together, otherwise they won’t see your face for sometime. Your perspective of the whole world has been changed because you think that the best weekends are spent snorkeling and scuba diving deep in the ocean.


  1. The smell of sunscreen makes you dream wake you are at the beach

That moment you’re in the middle of a meeting and all you think about is being at the beach taking a beach workout or lying down at the beach staring at nothingness with sand covered all over your body. You wear sunscreen even when you don’t need because the smell reminds you of the beach. All that you wish for is to take a mission to get to the ocean as often as possible. Next order of business please!


  1. You don’t know why sandbox in the playing ground is only for children  

Whenever you’re at the beach you want to feel your toes sink into the wet sand as the wave pulls away. You fail to understand why the sandbox at your local playing ground is strictly meant for children yet each time you go to the beach you end up coming home with more sand inside your pockets, purse and car than the amount of sand in the sandbox. Smell the sea? Sorry it’s just a sandbox!


  1. You always think your skin is way too white, even when it’s not

When your skin starts to pale, you often feel weird and uncomfortable.  You like it when your body has tan lines on it. Your feet are often white and you’re always applying sunscreen on because you believe your skin is becoming too white than usual.  


  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to sleep without all that “silence”

For you, the best sleep in the world is on the sand, under the still ocean skies filled with numerous stars, with the sound of rolling waves offering the perfect lullaby. The sound of the sea invigorates you and makes you feel warm and relaxed like a baby in his mother’s arms.


Naturally humans love spending time at the beach and the ocean. Living by the water enables us to pursue many fun activities such as swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, canoeing and beach partying. Many of us fall in love so deeply with the ocean that it becomes part and parcel of our lives- we become addicted. When the above signs “persists”, maybe it’s a high time you consider taking an ultimate beach vacation to some the greatest beaches in the world. Would you consider living by the sea or an ocean if you were able to?

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