Summer is back and this is why you must be so excited!!

Probably the most popular season of the year, summer is finally back!!! Well, at least in Australia. 🙂

After some cold months during Winter and some breeze during Spring we deserve hotter and brighter days! And why do we miss summer so much?  Well, there are many things in our list so let’s get started:

1. It’s warm and sunny so you go outside, feel the sunlight touching your skin and recharge your vitamin D



2. Most of us will get some time off to travel or at least day trip on the beach



3. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory anymore and you can stop making that poker face



4. You can wear your board shorts and bikinis all day long


5. You can smells BBQ everywhere, all the time


6. It is the perfect time for picnics and camping


7. You can wear bright colors with confidence and everything looks more interesting


8. Summer is time to try new things, like surfing, skateboarding, beach volleyball.



9. You feel excited to do some outdoor fitness activities like running at the beach



10. Summer crushes, who’s never had one?



11. It is socially acceptable day drinking, which is perfect for Mojitos, Margaritas and Mango Daiquiris! 🙂



12. Perfect blue skies



13. Bonfires, concerts & festivals basically any party



14. The extra hours of daylight.



Ultimately summer is all about having fun! What are you excited for this summer? Share with us, leave your comments below!

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