Tips to Start Practicing Yoga On The Beach

Yoga teaches you to stay calm and breath slowly and the beach is a perfect place for this. Are you considering practicing yoga on the beach? Here are some tips!

It can be extremely pleasant and refreshing, the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves can really help your concentration.
A frequent question is: “How can I start my yoga practice on the beach and what are the necessary things I need to take with me?”
Here are some tips to help you enjoy the connection of body and soul adding the element nature, together with a straightforward routine that you can follow.

Come with yoga mat and towel



Now that you have decided to try yoga outdoors in the soft sand, you may be asking yourself “Why should I need a mat ?”  Yoga has been around long before modern day mats come with it but yoga practices or classes today are usually held indoors in a studio with hard flooring. The mat serves as protection for you against studio flooring because when your sweat is mixed with a hard floor, it will create a slippery surface. On the beach sand, on the other hand, mat acts like a surfboard causing lots of movement so adding a towel below it will help avert your mat from slipping but if you don’t own one mat, no problem, you could easily use a sarong in the sand instead.

Protect you and your mat



Note that sand gets all over after a day at the beach. For those annoying grains of sand that will stick to your body; shake some baby powder on your hands and mat, where sand comes right off. The baby power takes the sand off with no scrubbing – and it’s cool for your body, too. Also don’t forget to bring your water, you need to keep hidrated.

Wear your layers and Sunblock


Early morning practices before sun comes out may set off cool, except by the end of your practice you might be running towards the ocean to cool off your body. Ensure you’ve wearing confortable clothes and slathered on your sunblock, even if the weather is cloudy. You need to understand the saying that, the sun is more powerful than clouds, you can still get burned. The tip here is to dry your hands really well in the towel before start practicing to avoid the mat to get slippery. Antiseptic hand sanitizer can also help you to keep your hands clean after using sunscreen.

Plan a Schedule


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The best way is to have a schedule for an early start avoiding the sun after 10 am, you will be surprised how quiet the beach can be before 8am making it the perfect set up for your pratice.

If you are not a morning person, you migh want to choose doing your pratice during the sunset also avoiding the hit and the crowd. If you understand some moves you want to do so as to start off with, then you can just take pleasure in the sound of the waves as you practice those moves through a few asana poses or a simple vinyasa flow, you can then start improvising from there.

Set an objective


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Find the right motivation for your pratice and setting clear goals can help you to get out of your confort zone and get things done. You may have a creative assignment you’re working on later that required more focus? Is this yoga practice going to be a healing workout, or a vigor one? Are you finding it hard or pushing yourself trying difficult poses or do you wish to find your quiet place? It could be that you want to build your beach body confidence on a budget! Set your objective so that this yoga workout can become a great expirence that you will be happy about yourself once you finished it. Namastê!

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