“By the sea, we feel alive.”

There is no universally agreed-upon length of coastline, but CIA World Factbook counts 356,000 kilometers of world coastline and endless opportunities of free adventure and fun. But a question remains:
How many beaches are there in the world?! Let’s find out together!

People are happier at the beach! The Loving Beaches is a community of people talking about their experiences by the sea around the globe. Here, beach lovers can participate in sharing photos, videos, tips, locations, and much more. You might be a local or a traveler; we are sure you have something to share with us about the amazing places you’ve been and wonderful beaches you have visited.

Why do we love beaches so much? Maybe it’s the connection with the earth, the proximity with the ocean, or the touch of the sand on your feet; beach connects so many people and the reason for us to build this community. The beach brings food to our body and mind, so we aim to have a positive impact on the place we all share.

Loving Beaches cares for the environment and the culture the beach creates. It is about fun, but also preservation, allowing us to care and live the famous beach lifestyle. We intend to gather interesting facts that will help and inspire communities to look after this environment that provides us with so much free joy!

With your help, we will talk about what is going on in these communities, great stuff about the environment, opportunities to travel, and tips to do it well. We are travelers and would like to be wise about it, only leaving behind our footprints in the sand.

We collect memories and talk about them spreading the idea of a better world by the beach.

We hope you participate with your ideas, enjoy the great content, and have fun!

Loving Beaches
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