Cayo de Agua, one of the most beautiful beach you must visit in Venezuela

“Breathtaking, felt such a deep connection with nature while we spent our day there.”

Cayo de Agua, is considered the most beautiful beach that you must visit at Los Roques, Venezuela.  An incredible beach of soft white sand surrounded on two sides by the Caribbean sparkling in all shades of blue.

Los Roques is an archipelago consisting of approximately 350 islands, cays and islets that attracts many visitors, especially from Europe.

Development and tourism in this area are controlled, to get there you can take a flight to Caracas and a connection to Los Roques. The climate is Cayo de Agua and region is dry and warm, with average annual temperature of 27 °C. From July to August, reaches a maximum of 34 °C, and between September and January are presented occasional rain, with relative humidity 83%.


Cayo de Agua surprises without a doubt one of the best beach spots in the Caribbean, the journey to reach the is unmissable! With turquoise clear and warm water and light colored sand, Cayo de Agua is the perfect holiday destination. Meet the friendly local people of Cayo de Agua, they will be happy to show you around and talk about the many activities you can enjoy like snorkeling, paddling, visit the turtle research centre, kite-surfing, windsurfing and much more.


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