9 sports that will make you fit at the beach

It’s not only a time to have fun and enjoy the sun in the company of friends and family but also a good opportunity to get your body in shape and what a better way to do that than heading straight to the beach. If you are wondering what all this is about, I am talking about summer! Summer provides the best weather for sports on the beach. Want to be fit at the beach? Why not trying practicing some of the best beach sports?

Beach volleyball

beach sports volleyball

What a better way to burn calories than playing volleyball on the sand. It is the most played game on the beach and if you’ve not tried playing it put on your beach artier and head straight to the closest beach near you. The game requires two teams each with two players, and it is very easy to learn. All you have to do to score is ground the ball in the opponents sand surface. The jumping, running, and even spiking the ball provides a full body workout.

Racket game

Some of us might have heard off Frescobol, but many of us are familiar with beach tennis. You don’t have to be as good as Serena Williams to play this two racket games. All required is hitting a ball made of rubber with wooden rackets which are available on many beaches. It is a fun game for two people to bond and also involves running up and down to hit the ball. Running benefits almost all parts of the body.

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)

I can’t say that this is an easy sport to take part it but the waters also make part of the beach and what a better way to exploit it than paddle boarding. Many of us like watching it and you can notice how fit the paddle boarders are. The only ‘rule’ to this sport is standing up on a paddle-board and using the paddle to propel yourself through the water. The sport provides a full body workout and keeps one beach fit.


beach sports surf
Surfing is somehow different to SUP as in this case the surfer uses waves of the water to propel forwards. Waves are beautiful to watch while basking on the beach but why satisfy your eyes only and you have the chance to get fit at the beach by surfing. Surfing is the best sport in the beach for working out your legs as you are trying to maintain balance in the water. It’s not easy but with persistence anyone can do it.

Kite Surfing

beach sports kite surf
Looking for a sport that combines many different sports in the beach into one extreme sport this is the choice for you. It is similar to surfing but involves the use of a kite board and the strength of the wind to propel forwards. The biceps and arm muscles benefit most in kite surfing, but the fact that you have to balance means the whole body is involved in the workout. Not all beaches allow it, so check with the lifeguards first.

Body surfing

beach sports body surfing
As you can see, there are many beach sports that utilize the waves of the water. This sport is similar to swimming but in this case you have to have a swim firm on which is important in propulsion. A swimming pool does not have the waves we see on the beach, and it is high time you try body surfing out. Swimming is one of the sports that exercise every muscle in the body.





If you’re not really up to surfing or there aren’t many waves you can still have lots of fun swimming. If you are unable to swim, many beaches have floaters which can help you in the sport. It does not require a team you simply just get into the water and swim. Swimming is good for burning calories and working out all muscles in the body.

Beach soccer

The grass of the beach is the sand, and although it may seem hard to kick a ball on the sand, it is fun. Many beaches have goal posts which are used in the sport, but you can simply use sandals. Anyone can play soccer as it just involves kicking the ball around and passing it to your teammates. It does not require a fixed number of team members.



I recommend this sport for mostly families. Kids usually find it fun to run around the sand on the beach, and older guys can participate by chasing the kids around. It is not only a fun activity for the family but also a way to keep the family fit. Anyone can run. In simpler terms, it is just walking at a much faster pace.


The first thought that pops into everyone’s mind is putting on a bikini for the ladies and beach shorts for the men to enjoy the sun but this can be an opportunity to take part in beach sports and turn the beach into a ‘natural gym’ for a workout.

Are there any other sports you practice on the beach? Leave your comments below!

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